Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 5: Fusilli Jerry

If you've never seen the show "Seinfeld" then you might be a little weird. If you've seen the show, and didn't like it, then your just a Freak! Everywhere I go something always reminds me of the show. Whether its finding an old Keith Hernandez baseball card or eating fusilli pasta, the geinus of Larry David always seems to come up.

The end of the trip is near, so instead on harping on that, I am going to rundown a list of memorable "Seinfeld Moments"

- The Magic Loogie! haha

- "I think the dingo ate your baby!" Elaine

- When Kramer tries to get Joe Dimaggio's attention by banging on the table and yelling... "YIP!" (One of Paul's favorite moments)

- "Tippy Toe, Tippy Toe!" George

- When Papi pees on the couch

- "Cartwright! Cartwright! I yell Cartwright, but nobody answer."

- "T-Bone!" (also, Coco the monkey)

- The Kevorka (Kramer is irresistable to women)

- Marble rye on the fishing pole

- The Chocolate Babka

- "We went to dinner, I had the lobster bisque, then we went home...Yada Yada Yada. What do you mean yada yada yada. you skipped over the best part! No, I mentioned the Bisque."

- "Fungiside...?"

- "Art Vandilae" haha

- "How dare you stop short with me"

- "Is that a Titleist...? Hole in One!" Kramer

- "Hello Newman"

- "A muffin can be very filling"

- "Top of the muffin... TOO YOOO!"

- "Bubble Boy"

- "Moores, Its the Moores your idiot... Oh noo, Its the MOOPS"

- "Get OUT!" Elaine

- "No soup for you!"

- "My wallets gone! what kind of clip joint you running here"

- "$75 to see the doctor, what, did I see Sinatra in there?"

- "Steinbreners here, George is dead, call me back"

- "Your face is my case" Jackie Childs

- "Man Hands"

- "You are not wearing the Ribbon"

- "I am Costanza, lord of the idiots"

- "I am Queen of the castle" "King of my domain"

- "Who told you to use a balm? Did I tell you to use a balm?" Jackie Childs

OK, back to our regular scheduled programing. I got the the idea for the title "Fun Facts" from my friend Jesse's blog- Memoiars Of A Leather Ass Grinder

Fun Facts Q and A:

How many times I ate Spaghetti during the trip- (2)

How many espresso/cappuccinos did I have- (11)

How many times did I eat squid- (6)

How many naps did I take- (2)

Average time of dinner reservations- (9:00)

How many shirts did I buy- (7)

How many pairs of pants/shorts did I buy- (0)

How many fights did Tracy and I get in- (1)

How many disagreements did my mom and I get in- (2) 1. The difference between a sale, and a discount. 2. Whether or not a public beach existed at the Marina Grande.

How many times I went to Fontelina- (3)

How many boats have I been on- (2) but we are also planning to take the Hydrofoil back to Napoli tomorrow

How many pairs of underwear did I buy- (5)

How many Peligrinos did I take out of the mini bar- (7)

How many different hotels did we stay in- (2) The first night, when Tracy shut off the air conditioning, we were in the sister hotel Casa Morgano. Our room was taken by a couple who decided to stay another day. BTW, the hotel we are staying in now, is called "Scalinatella". The same as the restaurant in manhattan. 61st and 3rd. Great food, but its kinda pricy.

How many times we watched TV in the hotel room- (0)

How many times did I play online poker- (2)

Ciao for Now


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