Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 2: Smart Shuffle

Have you ever been listening to your I-POD, and it seems like G-D is DJ' ing...? Well, this happens to me all the time. Sometimes, the perfect song comes on at the perfect time, and seems like more than a coincidence.

Day 2 began with a wild episode in the middle of the night. I woke up in a hot sweat, and I realized my sister had shut off the air conditioning. This is a no no in Adams world. I find it much easier to sleep in a cold bed. My sister says "Tempature is an age old battle of the sexes. Women are always too cold, and men are always too hot" haha. I woke up feeling dizzy and nauseus; when I stood up to wash my face, I colapsed, nearly hitting the floor. Something I ate didn't agree with me. I also had a couple Stolis that night, which didnt help. Also, the sauna-like conditions in the room, made me think I had some sort of fever. Seafood risotto was the culprit. My father was mildly sick this morning as well, and when I asked him if he threw up he replied "No, but I wish I had, just so I would have gotten it over with" Blahhh

My sister and I woke up at 8 and we had planned to go to the gym. Upon leaving the hotel we were informed that the other hotel (The Quisisana) was no longer accepting outside guests into the gym, for insurance reasons. We were a little bummed out, but the concierge reccomended an even closer gym. "Techno Gym" haha, typical... They said the gym would open at 9 (In Italian, this means 9:15), so my sister and I sat outside for a beautifull light breakfast. We ordered fresh fruit, and they gave us assorted croissants on the side. The produce here in general is much fresher and more natural tasting than in the States. We worked out for about an hour and then we headed down to Fontelina (Rock beach) to meet up with the folks.

This is when it happened. I listened to Neil Young's new nostalgic album: Prairie Wind. (Jordan Goldberg highly reccomends you listen) Next I put on shuffle. The one song that stuck out in my head was "Daniel" by Elton John. This was weird because I dont have any Elton John in my library. Somehow the track slipped in undetected, under Billy Joel, and I never knew about it. I was about to change it when I realized it wasn't Billy, but I decided to listen anyway. I played the track over twice and I remember thinking, Wow, his so talented. The way he sings with such passion and clarity, while playing perfect piano. The song was literally in my head as we sat down to lunch. And as the waiter took our order, my mom says "Oh my God, look who it is" It was Elton John! He sat down right next to me, along with English actor Michal Cane, and thier crew. Micahel Cane was singing "Tommorow" (The sun will come out) with his recognizable British accent. Classic!

Things overheard at the celebrity table:

Michael: "When I was working on Cider House Rules with Charlize and that kid, whats his name?"
Elton: "You mean Spiderman?" haha

Michael: "I also worked with Beyonce, she was nice, but I heard she's become somewhat of a diva" (ummm, ya think?)

Also, they were bashing Barbara Streisand for using a teleprompter during her concerts. They said she was paranoid, and she even used the screen for her on stage jokes...

After the meal I went up to Elton and told him I enjoy his work. One of his strapping young body guards grabbed my arm and Elton said "Its quite alright" He said "Thank You, and asked if I was on holiday" I said yes, and pointed to my family. I thanked him again and I was on my way.


Blogger Paul said...

Did you and Elton make passionate love on the rocks? Or was it the bodyguard you went for?....pretty crazy though how that happens with the song and then meeting him. Its like a coincidence.

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