Friday, July 20, 2007

Where's Justin?

If you have ever tried starting a band, then you know about flaky drummers. For some reason our four piece band has now dwindled down to two. Rob (the other guitarist) is completely out of the band. Justin however, claims he still has interest in playing music. Andrew (the kid playing the bass) is a motivated musician, and loves to play. Considering how busy both mine and Andrews schedules are, we do a pretty good job making time for jams. We could do a bit more practicing however... I would really like to get going on this demo CD, but there seem to be alot of distractions. Mainly, the lack of a drummer...

If anyone talks to Justin, tell him he is wanted. . . "Mr. Herman... Paging Mr. Herman"

The picture above was taken on Jesse's roof top. The Jam session that insued afterwards included Angie on the keys, and is up for a jammy award. "Best impromptu space-jam of the year"
(Its a new category = )

Oh yea! Big ups to Marni, for taking the beautifull pics!


Blogger Jordan said...

There's no basement in the Alamo!

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