Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lets Go Mets!

I decided not to go to tonights game; But rather, stay at home for some well needed R+R.
-A home cooked meal, and the couch. . .

The weather was spectacular today, perfect for grilling; I bought two fish tonight... One Black Bass, and one Bronzino. I didn't love the texture of the Bass, and the Bronzino is still in the fridge. I have been on a "fish grillin' kick" and my favorite so far is Red Snapper. I was very surprised how good it was! Being a very picky eater and all... And it also looks great on the grill; makes you feel like your on the islands, Mon. Cheap too!

I used the same recipie for all three fish... Oh yea, the fish I forgot to mention was a "Dorado Royale"...

Take a whole fish, scaled and gutted of coarse, and stuff the cavity with fresh herbs, (I used parsley, and thyme), along with some garlic, and basically your set! Tie up the fish with string or wire, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, and make sure the grill is Real Hot! (So the skin won't stick) A little trick, compliments of Chef Ryan Martin, and Thanks to my cousin Paul for the recipie.

I sipped a good white wine and Turned on the Mets game. They beat the Cardinals 3-2 and it sounded like Paul H. and E-Dog had a great time. Paul took the picture above and I have to admit it. . . . .
I kinda blew it . . . . jk = )

Thanx for the invite Paul. Next time Kid


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