Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Final table of the Main Event aired on Pay-Per-view last night. It seemed Dull and quiet. And the lackluster characters involved seemed to rub me the wrong way. I know ESPN will do a good job editing, but it still seems like there is a lack of a story this year.

As far as I am concerned poker hit the mainstream the year Chris Moneymaker won the damn thing. The final table seemed so classic with Moneymaker and Farha. The same with the year after with Raymer and Williams. This years final table, even made Jaime Gold seem tolerable.

Some people think that the poker phenomenon has peaked! and is now on the decline.
I however, have no comment on this... = )

Late addition: I heard someone refer to Alex Kravchenko (the fourth place finisher) as, the Ivan Drago of Poker. (hysterical) Looking back at it, Jerry Tang reminded me of Jesus Ferguson. He has the same annoying setup as him. Everytime he looks at his hole cards, he uses the same deliberate routine, just like Ferguson.
Jerry also reminded me of a Poker Ninja. I am not a fan. I do like ninjas though.

There were a couple of weird moments during the tournament where Jerry said something to the effect of "Please Jesus, just let me win this hand and I will Serve you in your Kingdom" I thought this was a little weird. Jerry has only been playing for two years. And after his, and Steve Dannemans performance 2 years ago I am still convinced that, anyone can win it...


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