Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 1: Wireless World

I am fighting a battle against "Jet-Lag" and I seem to be winning. It's quite a long trip to get to the Island of Capri, so I will give you a quick rundown of my travel experience. My sister Tracy and I left Manhattan at 2:30 this saturday. Thanx to Paul for driving! (dont worry Paul, your tickets for Knitting Factory are waiting at Will Call)

We arrived at the airport at 3:30, and easily checked our luggage. The First Class Lounge was clutch for many reasons. First was the free food and beverage, and second was the free wireless internet. Do you believe it costs almost 8 bucks to get WIFI, in the Newark Airport terminals... BULLL.SHIIIIT...

The 747 seemed to deliver quite a steady ride. Much more stable than those JetBlue 737's. The 7 and a half hour ride seemed to fly by (no pun intended) expecially with those extra roomy seats in Continental Business Elite. The meal they served consisted of four courses. First was Chicken Satay, Lobster Bisque soup, and a Portobello Mushroom Fritter. I passed on the fritter, to save room for the pasta meadly to come soon after. Then was the main course: Everyone had a choice of four Entres, and then desert. Pretty good for airplane food.

I sat next to Tracy, and she seemed super exited for our Bi-annual heads up poker match. The plan was to play the best of 3 tournaments. After I won the first two, she insisted in playing another. I must say, when the lights dimmed, it got quite intense. I won the third match also, tehe... Keep Grindin' Tracy, you played great!

Due to the time change, we got off the plane at about 8 am Sunday morning. Home Sweet Rome... From there, we got our luggage and hopped in a van to Napoli. Naples is about a 2 hour drive from Roma, and was much prettier than I remembered. My father brought his "I-PHONE" and I remember him saying something like "Its such a huge advancement!". You can use the phone anywhere in the world, and it was truly amazing to have full internet access driving through the secluded Italian farmlands.

As we headed to the port, my fathers friend from the island surprised us with his private boat. The trip from Naples to Capri usually takes a little less than an hour by Hydrofoil, but the elegant sleeper speed boat got us here in 25 minutes...HOT!

NOTE: In years past, we only knew about 1 computer with internet access on the whole island. Now, all the hotels are hooked up with wireless access. . .

I went for a hike today to sweat out the traveling, and muscle through the Jet Lag. Symptoms of jet-lag include; extreme yawning, restlessness, discomfort, and irritability. Later, I sat in the sun for an hour after meandering through town. Now, we are headed out for dinner! BTW the food is terrible here.... NOT! = >


Blogger Paul said...

The good news is your car is fine...the bad news is I left DonPeppe in the backseat by accident, he is marinatin'

6:30 AM  
Blogger AdamBoom said...

LOL, clam wyck?

8:10 AM  

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