Friday, January 04, 2008

Bienvenidos A Miami

Right now I am typing on a wireless connection in E-dogs moving van. We are headed back to Ft. Lauderdale, and to be honest, it feels nice to leave Miami.

We left the Lowes Hotel a night early to make our way to the Hard Rock Casino. Stuffed from the meal we ate, I am just now begining to digest. Prime 112, is always an amazing meal, but it can be a little rich if you dont watch what you eat. Our first mistake was getting two orders of the deviled eggs; then, ordering desert.

About 2 months ago I made reservations, because its always packed on the weekends. We were running a few minutes late, so I decided to give a courtesy call to the restaurant. Thats when I heard it. "We're sorry Mr. Katz, but I dont see your name here" I was a little upset, so when we got there, they somehow managed to squeeze us in. Ethtan got the Chilean Seabass and I split a steak with E-dog. For appetizer we had Poke' Tuna Tarrar that gave Eric vertigo. Literally, the dish was so strong he became light headed and thought he was going to pass out. haha

I am writing now from Eric's house, and it is the next day. . . . We had a lot of fun last night at the casino, and we also went to "The Club" for a little while. E-dog danced with two fat sisters and I won a little dough at the poker table. Great Success! Oh yea, Ethan's new nickname is "Hamster" because when we got up this morning E-dog said that Ethan's room smelled like a hamsters cage. haha +D


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