Sunday, October 21, 2007


The lens of my camera phone is cracked, so all the pictures have been coming out blurry. Part of me wants to get a new one, but is that good enough reason to spend $200 on a new phone. In addition, I don't particularly like any of the Verizon phones out (especially not blackberries and such.) So shouldn't I just wait for the next generation Flips to come out?
Technology is moving so quick these days, within 6 months of purchasing my I-MAC, it was already outdated. I'm not complaining, I actually think its amazing how companies like Apple keep making their devices smaller and more efficient.
*So this weekend I purchased the new 80 gig I-Pod. Its sick

Btw: My friend Jon W. took this picture in cape cod. Big Ups! He also won some lute with E-dog this weekend in A.C. . . . . Word.


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