Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Brendan Monroe.Com

The artist is 27 year old Brendan Monroe from Berkley California. He's got a lot of great work, both paintings and sculptures. Some of his pieces remind me of Salvador Dali. If your interested, you should pay his website a visit.

Other news:

Lasts nights poker game was a doozy. I finished fourth out of nine. It was quite disappointing, because I had the chip lead for most of the tournament. I had Pocket -7-7- fail me twice.

"And like that, he was gone" U.S.

-Congratulations to Paul H. , the proud winner of the Harvest Crop Tournament 2007

Ideas in mind:

- I'm thinking about getting a new phone.

- Thinking about getting a new I-POD . I decided I dont want the touch. Not enough memory.

- Thinking about a vacation.

-Thinking about buying a soldering iron for metalsmithing.

-Thinking about recording a demo.


Blogger EvilMano said...

There's a lobster in the think tank
& he's chompin at the bit.
So we tried to feed him whiskey,
& now he's lost his shit.
I say, you say, never say die,
we can get him in the pot,
but only if we try.

3:44 PM  
Blogger AdamBoom said...

Evil Mano:

you are a true genius with words =D

1:52 PM  

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