Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Perfect Day

I decided to relax and do nothing this past friday night. My good friends E-dog and Jason came over to watch the Mets, and play online poker. My plan was to get a good nights rest. I fell asleep around 1 am, and I didnt flinch in my bed until 11 am. Nice! I relaxed in bed for another hour, and then my phone started ringing. It was Paul, and he wanted to know what the deal was.

The plan was to head out to Jersey and play golf; so I grabbed a Iced Venti Skim Latte from Starbucks and hopped in the truck. I picked up Paul on 58th st. and we were off. The conversation quickly lead to the whereabouts of Pauls golf clubs. About two months ago, on the night of my birthday, Paul loaded his clubs in the back of the taxi. When he arrived home, he forgot all about the clubs, the rest is history.

Paul and his two brothers all worked at Alpine C.C. at some point, so his familiarity with the club lead him to the idea of "Demo-ing" clubs. First we had to make the inevitable stop at the Hirschorn residence. We spent about 20 minutes in the house conversing with his parents and harvesting tomatoes from the garden. When Michael (Paul's dad) asked about his gold clubs, Paul said "Don't Ask"

The weather was spectacular for golf, sunny and breezy. "Perfect!" EVEN. We spent about another half hour on the range, and we began playing at about 3 pm. On the 2nd hole, a good family friend, Jordan Green joined us for a few. Soon after, we spotted my parents on the first hole. We decided to stop over for a pleasant hello. Paul described my parents as being in a "Zen Golf Mode" tehe

The day was just ripe with possibilities, and the good vibes lingered throughout the entire round (21 holes). Sick!

From there we decided to go to Baumgart's, a gourmet Chinese restaurant/Ice Cream parlor. We made a "perfect order" 1)Chicken and pine nuts (lettuce wraps) 2)Sizzling duck crepes 3)Chicken Lomein, and 4)Shrimp with shallots* (*The shallots were basically chopped and fried, then loaded on top of shrimp) ILL!

From there we drove back to the city to shower. We fixed up and then went to a local bar called "Pine Tree Lodge" We stopped for a few drinks, because the hotel we were going to has a $17 price tag on all their drinks. Whoa

We picked up Ethan at the bar, and rolled to "The Garden" at The Gansevort Hotel. We got a table and a couple bottles. "BALLIN!!" Sick night! Marni was a trooper, having thrown up in a cup, followed by a napkin! haha "Puke and Rally?" Eli made a cameo appearance at the bar; and big ups to Ethan, for taking home the "Buzzards"

BTW: The picture above is a random shot I took from the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn/ The Verrazano Bridge.


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