Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snow Wonder

We left Vermont yesterday in the middle of a blizzard. They were calling for another 12-15 inches, on top of the foot of snow they got the previous day. New Years was jammed at Mount Snow, I noticed a lot of European vacationers. The condo next to us was packed with Germans. They blasted Techno music all weekend, that nearly drove us madd. Gabi and I also helped a 5 year old English boy up the lift. His name was Charlie and he was wearing a yellow jacket. At first we didnt realize he was English, we just thought he was speaking "KID"

The ride home took about 6 1/2 hours, mostly because the New York Thruway was pretty much a parking lot. The ride took so long we decided to play "Im going on a trip" The game is a test of memory where each passenger chooses an item to "bring on the trip"(The list must go in alphabetical order) Let's see if I can remember...

A- apple
B- bulldog
C- caramel
D- dictionary
E- eager beaver
F- fascinating book
G- goodie goodie gumdrops
H- hoodie
I- indigo girls cd
J- jerky
K- knife
L- liquor
M- money
N- negro
O- opium
P- purple haze
Q- quick dissolving toilet paper
R- roman emperor
S- sterling silver cleaner
U- urinary tract infection
V- vagina
W- window washer fluid
X- x-t-c
Y- yo' mama
Z- zebra

(ps- this was just a game- we didn't really bring anything on that list... well, besides money) =D


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