Friday, February 16, 2007

"Im Mostly A Pond Fisherman"

Sitting in the Jet Blue terminal, I can't help admire the enormous food selection. I am also gazing and the extraordinary amount of disgruntled travelers relax, due to sheer exaustion. Two days ago, the northeast United States was hit with what we call a "nor-easter" The New York City area only got a few inches of snow to stick, however the storm has made for armageddon-like delays at the airport. The lingering effects are still very visible in the people randomly laying on the ground as if they were at a "Shul-In" (see appendix for details) People have been here for over 48 hours, trying to get on stand-by flights.

My flight was supposed to leave at 10, but is currently delayed until 11:10. I found this information out on the computer before i left, but I was still uncomfortable in the small amount of traffic, in fear of missing my flight. I proceeded to the jet blue kiosk for my boarding pass, and headed for security. This was easily the longest line I have ever seen in this airport. After waiting about 5 minutes I realized that I might be able to cut the line since I technically had a ticket for a 10 o clock flight. (I of coarse knew the plane was late) I looked around with intentions of notifying the proper authorities that my plane was leaving in 15 minutes. Who better to tell than a National Guard Security officer armed with an oozie. I told him the news of my flight, he then turned, and politely interrupted airport security on my behalf. The tall woman he contacted seemed to drop whatever she was doing to assist me, and then provide me with a personal escort to the front of the line. If it wasn't for them, i would be on a 2 hour line instead of writing this blog... = )

I knew the whole travel experience was going to be epic, the minute i left my apartment. My friend Ethan drove me to the airport like a seasoned Nascar Driver. His expert route through Queens made for a very timely commute, by-passing all the traffic on the Van Wyck. (Clam Wyck) The conversation took off when we started talking about our past new years vacation to Florida. (The last time we went to visit E-dog and The Heavy pets.) On our way, we actually missed the Jet Blue terminal because we were laughing so hard. Ethan told me a story about when he used to go to an Applebee's-stlye restaurants and order boneless buffalo wings and dips them into a side order of Artichoke/Spinach dip. One time he actually "ordered it to go. Then he went next door and bought a roll: only to make a buffalo chicken sandwich, loaded with the sloppy spinach dip. wow
We also reminisced about our amazing fishing trip two months back with E-dog. Ethan told me he overheard the captain ask E-Dog if he was a fisherman? E- repllied "I'm mostly a pond fisherman..."

It is currently 12:29 am and I am still in good spirits, even in the anxious airport environment. My main concern right now is the half pint of beer I left at the airport bar. I had to leave it there when I heard a rumor regarding a gate change. As I write this, I just heard an anouncment regarding my flight. "The Ft. Lauderdale flight will be boarding in less than 5 minutes" The terminal just cheered in unison. The people in front of me standing on the customer service line still seem none so pleased. My new aquaintance Simon, whom I met at the bar just informed me what that line is for. As he aimlesley wandered past me, we connected eyes. He said "My flight to Buffalo is canceled" We both smirked... "how am i going to get my luggage back" he said, oh, I guess thats what this huge customer service line is for."

update: its the morning after. Landed safe in Ft. Lauderdale at 5:15 eastern standard time. "Better late than never" Who made up that phrase anyway? For some reason I feel like it was Yogi Berra or something... Anyone?
and yes...still in good spirits, just feeling drained. I am listening to the new Heavy Pets Album "Whale" soon to be released. Lloyds private unveiling of the masterpiece is currently lifting my state of mind. Lloyd just ran out to the store to get eggs, for and old fashioned egg festival.

Moreover, I wound up sitting next to a beautiful young Long Island girl once we boarded the plane, so I didn't mind when we sat on the tarmack for another hour and a half before take off. I wound up going to sleep at Lloyds apartment at 6 am and waking up at 9am. I never really made it into a deep sleep, partly because Jim Weust was sleeping right next to me, and mostly because Lloyds two kittens are in fact nocturnal. At one point during the night I woke up, and both of the kittens were resting in the small of my back. It was also kinda freaky when I woke up and the cat was two inches from my face, staring at me.

(Appendix) A "Shul-In" is a slumber party in a synagogue usually involving youths.

The picture below was taken during the sunset of this particular day at the "Love Gathering"


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