Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Richie's Tale

This is part II of Richies's tale; Part one of the series happens to be my last post, conveniently I have found this great blog ordering to be the only positive thing that has come out of my recent blogging absence.

Its 4:45 am this past saturday and I had a funny feeling the moment my key made that final sticky swipe. I had three friends staying with me this weekend but I only noticed two of them as I cautiously walked past the untimely bright lights. "Come here!" they wisper-shouted "Before you go in there... Let us explain what happened" Its hard to express the myriad of fantastical thoughts that raced through my mind, but instantly, a smile came to my face.

The night started out at the upper west side bistro, for "Kleinman's" engagement party. Once inside, Richie and I made the executive deciscion to get a slice of pizza next door, not only to compliment the great hours dvors being passed, but to prepare for the open bar drinking session about to insue. The "Pizza Cave" we walked into was a well known kosher pizza stop for locals and travelers alike. In fact, we started talking to a pleasant young man wearing kepot, who came all the way from Long Island to enjoy this pizza with friends before going out. Richie and I both gave eachother that look "what kind of anomolie did we just walk into" The young man, I chose to remember as Mordechi, ordered two slices; 1 plain, and 1 mushroom, and he repeated "Ya know, keep it simple" which seemed to be his modus operandi. I have been planning to use this phrase, but I just havent found the right moment yet. Mordechi was speaking yiddish with his high school friends, and it seemed like we stepped into some sort of time warp. We wished him a good weekend while feeling fully satiated by the pair of plain slices we just murdered.

Back to the party, we then engaged in a tequila shot bonanza. After a few more drinks, about 20 of us rolled down to a trendy bar called Honey. Its was too croweded for my liking so my friend Sonny and I left Richie and the rest of the crew to experience a more down to earth or "Heady" scenery. Mission was accomplished when I ran into an old friend from Phish tour, only to spend the early morning hours hanging out on an east village roof top. I made my way home before five and, this is when I finally heard about the debacle that insued about an hour earlier.

Since I split up from the guys who were in town visiting, they didnt have a key. Luckily I have a 24 hour concierge at my apartment building who called me to confirm the release of my key. At that moment, the already stumbling Richie projectile vomitted all over the marble desk and flatscreen computer. The Concierge blurted some sort of profanity and hastily pointed to the bathroom where Richie was to be carried. After windex and paper towels were distributed to my friends, they finally made it back to my apartment where they dumped himRichie in my bathtub. His unatural position on the floor seemed to obstruct his breathing, making for a classinc gurgling sound. Oh yea, vomit e!erywhere! Richie is alive and well today...


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