Sunday, September 17, 2006

This is the first hole at Alpine CC. We started here,
but Mitch and I didnt play the second hole or the
ninth for that matter, but we made an expert play
by jumping to #14 and playing out to the clubhouse.
My par put went in and out of the cup from about
3 feet away on the 18th. I made up for it however
when i sunk a miracle 20 footer to save par on the
15th- big ups to mitch for the profesional read.

* * *
The weirdest part of the day was when an older woman asked us to play through. Also mind you that Mitch and I were in the center of the fairway at this point of a par 4, ready to take our approach shots into the green. The lady screams from the woamns tees, and for some reason we let her play through. She hit a pretty good drive right past us, but then she blew it. She duffed her next, I'd say, four shots, none of which went over ten yards. She then proceded to pick up her ball in embarrasment and move on to the next hole. "That turned into quite a disaster" lol!
* * *
Also had lunch that day at Ben's Deli with Grandma Hannah. Coincindently, during the meal she say something to the effect of. "I read this weekly insert in The Times called "Circuits" and I was reading about this new thing called a Blog... What is a Blog?" Its not the easiest thing to describe. I told her that a blog has many uses, some that I probably dont know about,.. But I use it as basically an online journal.
* * *
Big ups- Lee Podolsky's bachelor party and Phelipe


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