Thursday, September 07, 2006


This picture says it all... I should have

known that the guy to my left, was going

to take all of my chips. He was giving the

finger to the "thousands" i had just won in the

prevoious hand. It was one of the biggest

hands i have ever doubled up on...

I limp in the pot with


and it worked perfectly...

Ethan raised to 500, E-dog called, and

I make it 1500 to go, with two callers,

Flop comes



I bet out on the flop, and E-dog was

the only one left to beat. I put him on a

straight draw after he called my bet,

maybe because it was the only

hand that could possibly beat me. The turn.


When E-dog pushed, I "insta-called"

of coarse, showing down my full house

over his set of queens...

When the hand was over E-dog said

"I thought i was a genius when that queen came out"

I had the table dominated, and...then...

"I donked off all of my chips..."

I did the classic three moves that

that lost me over 42,000 in chips. First was

Re-raising with nothing before the flop, and

then getting out-played with the best hand.

Then, risking half my stack on an obvious coin

flip and losing with -7-7- , and then calling an

all-in with a small Ace. So, everyone raise a glass...

This one goes out to anyone that has ever blown

an enourmous chip lead in a poker tournament.



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