Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well, my first post in a while.
I was kinda turned off from
this sight when i realized it had
erased my initial posts. I have
created another blog on myspace,
so check it

I had just got a great parking spot,
right in front of my store when it
happened. I see a man who looked
like Trey Anastasio. I started to
walk a little closer, and the less he
started to look like Trey. So I said
his name, and he responded. Simple
as that. What a nice guy... He always
seem like a pleasant person, and he
is exactly that, a simple man with
a serious talent. He was really
interested in getting to know about
his fans. Everything else he said,
he told me to keep a secret... Oh
yea, his wife took this picture of us.


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