Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Walking on the edge of time,
My mind with divided replies,
Stains my world, in turn,
I must read between the lines.

Sitting on the brink of reality,
Coaching choices of creation.
Defining the line of twisted time,
And subtle connotation.

Making the rules as I go,
The story unfolds.
Never look back,
And I will never know.

Feeling my way,
No sight, sense, or mind.
Wander through the park
Of the concept of time.

Thinking about the edge that is near,
Never skipping a beat.
Having no regrets
Is my incredible feat!

Every moment as if it were my last,
My body slows and my mind is at lapse.
Questions, answers, setting standards,
Life and liberty, from God it was handed.

Crushing blows of emotion,
I dont want to be judged.
It is he who is I,
That I just realized.

Dont listen to the voice,
But the divine sense within.
Now thats completed,
Im ready to begin.

My life as it were,
Many lives deterred,
From the light we heard,
You will never learn.

The concept I preach,
Bridge the gap, and teach,
Just to make ends meet,
Is what I strive to believe.

Deterred by the precedent
Set way before me,
Happiness is a state of mind,
It is happiness I seek!


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