Monday, December 26, 2005

Well, Holidays in the city are always a timeless recipe for disaster.
When you add a transit strike and bit of bad weather,
A full blown media frenzy will be the result, almost enough
propaganda to make the average new yorker forget about
Nick and Jessica for a moment, and acknowledge eachothers

So lets see. A "transit strike", a "blackout", and.....and....what
else....? Oh yea,,, 9-11... Whats the next disaster to make
manhattan unite for 24 hours. A rat epidemic?

And now that "happy holidays" has become the
politically correct way to say "merry christmas" and
"Chrisma-Chana-Kwanzika" has become a common
household phrase. One can only laugh at the distorted priorities
of our country. Why dont you ask the troops in Iraq if they care
about your extra long commute during the transit strike?


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