Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Amsterdam:
Old New York:
The City:

However your personal
nomenclature may vary,
The fact remains that,
Manhattan, Is the alpha-
male of Modern cities...

They say that "This city
can eat you alive" Well,
thats true: Unless you
stick to the following rules:
No smiling, No eye contact,
and the most important
rule of all: Always, I mean
always, carry your "I-POD"
God forbid you actually have
to communicate.

Don't get me wrong, There
are some very nice people
in this city, "you just gotta
poke around" I have met
some amazing specimens
during my stay, but dont
count on meeting them in
an average new york
experience. These people
are usually found in one of
three places: A dark
corner of an east village bar,
Roaming the streets
during a national disaster,
Or, in your own apartment.
This is the sad paradox
of living in "the greatest city
in the world" Sometimes
I wish that everyone would
just, Wake Up! I guess thats
impossible, when you live, in

"The city that never sleeps"


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