Sunday, September 10, 2006


After Puff Daddy busted out of the first annual Celibrity

Poker Tournament, I happen to catch a great shot of him

watching E-dog taking down a crucial pot. The first round

of the tournament was a "shootout" which means that only

one player advances from each starting table. We started

with 3,000 in chips and blinds started at 100-200, doubling

every 15 minutes. I tend to agree with E-dog when he said

"Its kind of a crap-shoot" My plan was to play only premium

hands even if I had to wait a round or two without playing.

I can only blame myself for the following happenstance, but

I dont think the sub-par dealer helped at all. There was a lot

of commotion during the tournament: Celebrities, Papparazzi,

Body guards, ETC... So I was a little distracted when I made

my first mistake. The dealer says "$600 to you" So I threw

out $600, thinking it was my big blind. It checked around to

the real big blind, and when he checked, I realized what happened.

The flop came out


At this point I still havent looked at my cards, but it didn't really

matter when the little blind went all in for about another $1,200.

The big blind folded, and I disgustingly look at my hand...


Wow, i thought... I definately had the best hand pre-flop... I

decided that if i called, I had outs to win if my opponent had a

made hand, and if he was drawing, then I had him beat with a

pair, I was just a little dissapointed that I had no control over

the one and only hand I played in the entire tourney. My

opponent turned over a pair of jacks, and they held up. My

remaining $600 went into the pot for my big blind on the next

hand. Then I started to streak... I hit Kings full, on the big blind

to tripple up, and then moved in with -A-2- to double up.

I won another small pot, and i found myself with over $12,ooo in

chips. "Wow, i am chip leader just like that..." I thought to myself,

I had a good chance of winning the table. Then, I get -J-J- with

one limper. (blinds were still 300-600) So i make it $2,500 to go,

and I get re-popped for another 7,500 all-in bet from one of the

four guys remaining at my table. I folded my jacks face up, and he

showed his black aces. Of coarse I was happy with the fold, but I

still lost a lot of important chips, because the blinds immediatedly

jumped to 500-1000. A few hands later I get -J-J- again, this

time in the little blind. There was one limper, and I pushed for my

last $4,000 chips. The big blind folded and the limper called my

all in with -A-9-. I was good, until he spiked his Ace on the river.

I finished in fourth place at my table, and E-dog the same, respectively.


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