Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last friday night was the real inspiration for this post. Drew and I were planning a jam session with the new IMAC. Pretty standard, until Sonny and Jesse make a surprise appearance. There was one awkward moment when we began playing, but once we got situated, the Jams began to flow. Everyone naturally rotated instruments as if it were an instinctual feel for sound. A primal jam vibe grew and grew until you could no longer distinguish begining from end. Music is truly the universal language...

* * * *

Later that night I made a solo run to the Bowery Ballroon to catch the second set of the New Deal show. I timed it perfect! Arriving promptly towards the end of set break, I was able to sneak past the bouncer monitoring the outdoor smoking area, and meet my friends. We found a place to stand about 17 heads back and began to dance. Coming from this deep jam session I had this overwhelming feeling that only part of me was there, kinda supervising. The jams were amazing, so much so that I had to leave, having reached some sort of personal pinnacle after only two songs...


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