Thursday, February 08, 2007

For some reason, I think writing right now will be theraputic. In fact, It usually is. I have been writing rhymes, songs, and poems for a while, and recently, about a year ago an aquaintance of mine turned me on to "blogging". I think is a great creative medium to share with the world. I think it was Shanes writing style that drew me to the scene, but also his honesty. Entertainers such as Howard Stern thrive on similar ideals. See for yourself:

My mother encourages me to write. She tells me to write at times when im frustrated. When your mad at your boss or girlfriend you should write what you'd like to say to them, not necessarilly in a blog, = ) but on a piece of paper. It helps, Alot!

Its early february, and bitter cold... Last night we went to the north auditorium of the Y to see Trey Anastasio do a rare live interview. Jonas, Sam, Marni, Mitchoo, Sonny, and Jesse ventured to the upper east side with very little knowledge about what was going to transpire. Well, simple as this...Trey spilled his guts... From the very begining Anthony DeCurtis badgerd trey about his drug abuse problem, Trey took it well, and spoke from his heart. I think he is on a road to full recovery after a recent stint in re-hab. The most interesting point of the night was when Trey explained his "theory" after being asked a very thought provoking question. I paraphrase "If you were a historian looking back on the phish generation, hypothesize on the movement and the jam band movement thereafter... Starting with swing music/dancing Trey muscled his way to the eighties, and explained how "by this time, all the record companies had figured it out a formula to create a pop artist" and just like other musical rebellions in the past, the "phish" movement was in fact a huge revolt againgst; song length, time signature, lyrical content. Trey explained that he was at the right time and place as a mere vessel, to convey the "tones of life" which fueled a movement that disregarded musical conformity. hence, jam bands. Trey also gave props to Phil Lesh while recanting a staggerd thought he actually had on stage with Phil. "This guy can really play this music, Oh yea! He invented it, He was in the Gratefull Dead!"

From there, four of us broke off to go downtown for a latenight gourmet "Snack" As we pile into the X5, I remember saying to Sonny. "Wow, you love Trey. On a scale of 1 to 3, how happy are you? He said "3!" Then Jesse joined in by saying. "how about on a scale of 1 - 50 ?! Sonny said "46" we all said "WoW" Then my stupid ass says "If we got into a no injury car accident right now, what would that number go down to? Sonny said "high teens", but also gave a look that we shouldn't be talking about this.

We make our way to Blue Ribbon Sushi. Ill take the resposibility for blowing the order, but the service was terrible. And even though it was inevitable that I would pay, I was very displeased "lets say" for the manner in which this took place. "Credit Card Roullette" is the game, but my first spin of the wheel was unfortunate. As Mitchel swiped the three credit cards I remember thinking "this was a mistake." Not to call Mitch out or anything, but I think since he was getting away with only paying $26 dollars for food and alcahol. I think he should have stayed out of the negotiation process altogether, let alone be the comandant of the sensitive transaction.

In conclustion, do not talk about car accidents, its bad. Only moments after we left the restaurant, I was rear ended, YES, AGAIN. There was more damage to Jessse's back than the the car, so I wasn't surprised when he was super pissed.

Oh yea! Sonny's happiness level went down to a 17...


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