Monday, February 04, 2008


"The Catch" is one of the most famous plays in all of sports history. Dwight Clark will always be remembered for catching Joe Montana's high pass, but also his acrobatic leap in the end zone. Yesterday, in Super Bowl 42, David Tyree made a miracle catch, that will go down as one of the most amazing plays ever executed on a football field. The screams that followed the catch, echoed through the streets of New York like a "Barbaric Yalp" that lasted through the night.

After the snap, Eli Manning scrambled about, as the offensive pocket collapsed around him. It seemed inevitable that he would be sacked. Somehow...Someway, Eli escaped the grasp of the defense, and let loose a throw that seemed like an improvised chuck, that managed to find wide reciever (Syracuse Alumni) David Tyree. David is considered a hero by Giant's fans, not only for the importance of the catch, but the way in which he made it. Under pressure, David was able to make a astonishing leap to find the ball, and then pin the ball against his helmet to secure possession. How he maintained a grip on the ball as he fell, is one of those magical moments in sports that really can't be explained. Giant's fan or Pat's fan, if you were watching the game, guaranteed your heart rate was equal to that of a massive corronary. G-D only knows how the players felt.


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