Monday, March 12, 2007

The JANGO Fest

Breaking story: The pet-mobile turned out to be a Lemon, and Ryan Neuberger returned the bus to the owner for a full refund.

* * *

Im just a little upset right now. Its hard to believe, considering that my extended weekend trip to Florida was extremely successful. The Langerado festival has become a must, on my list of things to do. Especially now, because my favorite band to see live, will presumably be invited back. After a spectacular "noon" performance of The Heavy Pets, we found ourselves yet again in "Festi-mode" There were a ton of new faces in the crowd, and it was a very feel good set of music. The songs of the set were Precious Minds, and Sopresatta. It took place in the "Swamp Tent" located directly near the entrance to the festival.
* * *
I returned home last night, when I walked in my apartment I got the "Three Little Bears Syndrome" "Who's been sleeping in my bed?" "Who has been eating my poarage?" "Who flooded my apartment!?!" Apparently, over the weekend a pipe located behind my toilet had burst, leaving 5' of water in the apartment. The Worst! By the time I returned home, maintenance had cleaned up the water and disconnected my appliances. I was just planning to write about the magical weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, not about this crap... I usually try to keep negativity out of the blog. Hey, thats a good idea. Maybe Ill write about all the bad things that happened on the trip.

* * *

The flying experiences were overwhelmingly negative. I might have overreacted, but I was very unhappy with the service on the both the trip down and back. For some reason I had a lot of trouble receiving a beverage during the service portion of the flights. When I asked for a "club soda" Twice, I unpleasantly sent back a can of Coke, only to be neglected the right to receive another drink. I began to fidget in my seat, only to stand up; walk to the rear of the plane, and demand a bottle of water. When I asked the steward for the water, It was clear that the crew had been talking about me, and pegged me as "the disgruntled traveler of the day" So when he said to me "You were very rude to the young lady sir" I burned a stone look into his eyes and said "I just need a bottle of water" In addition, on the flight down, I was sitting in the window seat located directly in front of the emergency exit row, so my seat was unable to recline.

* * *

E-dog and I introduced Jesse to "Bonzo Ball" on Saturday night. Jesse bought a small blow up ball in Walgreen's and we played a wall game. (Similar to wall ball, but the ball has to bounce before hitting the wall) Our playing field was conveniently located between one of the hottest restaurants in So. Florida, and the Dive bar where the Pets were playing their second night of music. I lost... But I demand a rematch, there were a lot of beautiful women passing by, so I was very distracted. I also lost in the Soccer style shootout the next morning. This took place in front of E-dogs condo in Boca. We used the same ball, with the garage being the goal. Final score: Jesse: 4 Adam: 3

* * *
BTW: Before the concerts, a friend of mine know as "EARTHCORN" wished me a safe trip text message. In it, he misspelled Lango, "for Langerado" and wrote JANGO> From there on, I refferd to the festival only as The JANGO Fest. Not to be confused with bounty hunter "JENGO FETT". Father/clone of "Bobba Fett" featured below. "STAR WARS"


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Jango Jango... ur absolutely right about the fact that Langerado is a must do for northerns because it really opens the doors for the upcoming spring and summer! The Pets Jango as i am listening to the set as we speak. thanks straight from EARTHCORN himself!

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