Friday, February 23, 2007

Motivation, Movement, Momentum...

(Warning! This might be a little weird)

This blog is about the things we don't talk about... The awkward social silences: The personal moments of hesitation, and the idea of embarrassment. On a small scale, humans are extremely unique and special. But as a species, I have come theorize that everyone experiences life on a similar plane of existence, with a similar set of emotions. Why do we feel embarrassment...? (even rock stars blush from time to time) Human nature is interesting. From eye contact to body language, our instinctual behavior is quite simple to understand. Boys are naturally aggressive and women are their balanced counterpart.
Watching animals interact is quite enlightening, especially dogs. Sebastian (Sea-Bass) and Justin Martin are the two dogs I am referring too. My friend Jesse is quite close with the dogs, mostly because his cousin owns them. Anyway, Jesse tried to explain how the alpha dog aggressed the the other dog by throwing his weight backward, into him, using his butt. These motions seem intrinsically human, kinda like the way boys push and wrestle for sheer entertainment.
Trying not to stray from the point of the story, I must,,, (The Point of this blog is to convey a message: "Honesty is the best policy" If something is not funny, don't laugh: If you have nothing to say, don't speak. Be honest with yourself, and nothing will seem awkward. Motivation, Movement, and Momentum has been my mantra for the past two years. But now, I am trying to focus on reality and personal honesty.
Awkward human interactions are a "dime a dozen"--- especially living in a city like Manhattan.
From elevator rides to crowded subways, There will always be room for self evaluation.
This blog is about the moments that we all are programed to forget. This blog is about the feeling you get when someone unexpected, walks into "your elevator"
The moment where you question your every motion, which ultimately translates into an uncomfortable social environment. Any time this happens to me, I immediately think of putting off positive energy which is ultimately an impenetrable forcefield. This is a tool that I learned from a book called "Healing The Earth" which has had a great influence on my spiritual journey thus far.


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