Monday, December 08, 2008



This is a picture of E-dog, praying to Allah.  Its amazing what converting to Islam can do for your Poker game.  Congratulations  to E-dog for winning the $12 dollar re-buy, and closing out the year "Champion of the home game"  winning the last 3 in a row to finish in a landslide.

I filled up my gas tank the other day for around $30.00....  Its amazing what could happen in one' year
.  I started to think about how things were different, and how many amazing things happened this past year.  First of all, some of my closest friends have all gotten engaged this past year.  Paul & Marni, Andrew and Kate,  and most recently, Ethan & Melissa!  Mazel Tov.
This time last year Heath Ledger was still alive and the Giants were not yet NFL Champions.   The Economy was brighter, and people only whispered of a black president.  

At this time last year Michael Phelps did not yet break the all time record for Olympic Medals, and the Leihman Brother's were ready to give out Enormous Christmas Bonuses.

At this time last year Phish was still broken up, and my Girlfriend was not about to move in with me.  I am exited for both!

In closing, i would like to take a moment to honor our fallen soldiers of 2008, along with Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, Paul Newman, and Dow Jones.


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