Saturday, June 07, 2008

Save The Last Jam

-I remember turning my back to the stage and raising my phone to my head. I made an attempt to drown out the noise by sealing my index finger to my ear, but Doug E Fresh was just too loud. "Im down on the left side of the stage! I whisper shouted...., hoping Jesse would hear me.
-His immediate arrival to the front row area, seemed  to coincide perfectly with the following performance.  A Beatles cover band "The Fab Faux" was playing a fabulous rendition of "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"  when I heard a voice say: "Why dont we get closer?"  I instinctivly followed Jesse.... Jonas and Sam followed me.  and Sonny followed  the magic. 
- As we were all making our way to center stage "While My Guitar Gently Weaps" brought an obvious memory to the Phish friendly crowd.  An appetizer sized hint of implied musical coincidence?  Eloquent thoughts bounced around in my head, until a vision of the band Phish, materialized. 
-The high water mark that remained, after the Phish Wave receded, has left a young  generation lost for words, but enthused to overachieve.  Addictive fascinations, and unanswered mysteries, still linger in the minds of their once ravenous fanatics.  Phish was more than a sound.  It was a feeling,,, it was a state of mind.  A religious subculture of sorts.  The effect of it all still resonates in the musical genre they helped create, and in the souls of their followers.
-Suddenly a familiar face,  Trey Anastasio  walked out on stage and finished the set with incredible energy, vibrations that were reminicent of the Phish years.
-I was at the first ever Jammy Awards, and this was a great way to celebrate the last.  A friend who works at Relix Magazine informed me that the "Jam Band" genre is growing, and is now melding with a larger, POP music award ceremony next year.


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