Saturday, September 20, 2008

"You are not wearing the Ribbon"! ?

The "Walk" for breast cancer awareness will always remind me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer is jumped in a ally for "not wearing the ribbon"  A small pink ribbon is the symbol for the breast cancer charity, so i was surprised, and mildly concerned when I didn't receive one.
I signed up for the event about a month prior, and planned to walk with my girlfriend Gabriella.  The brisk sunday morning turned out to be quite a beautiful day, and the 3 mile walk turned out to be 6, because of our idiot cab driver.
We got in the taxi on 39th ST, and I said to the driver "79th and Central Park West, I  think all the drives through the park are closed today, you might wanna go crosstown now"  he said "No, its ok" (in a high pitch indian accent) Of coarse when we got there, the park was closed.  So."No tip for you!"
We still had to pick up our numbers from race registration, so weaving through all the people was quite a task, and quite smelly.  (people really stink sometimes)  = /
After getting our numbers, and a blueberry muffin we finally made it to the starting gate.  Once we got started Gabi and I had a lot of fun running through the crowds.  Dipping and dodging all the people, we finished the race with our hands up in the air.
We grabbed some free water and popcorn, and headed out of the park towards 5th avenue.  We then headed to Chelsea Piers to see what kind of activities they had to offer.  After perusing the gymnasium and basketball area, we decided to go to the golf range.  Gabi was impressed how the balls come up automatically on a tee, and I was impressed how far she hit the ball!  100 balls seemed to go so fast, but we left soon after to grab a bite to eat.  The plan was to walk into the city, and find a place to eat brunch.  Soon after we found what seemed to be the perfect place.  A chic brunch spot in the heart of the meat-packing district called 202.  I had an interesting version of a roast beef sandwich, and Gabi had the pancakes!  Overall a great day, and no, we weren't harassed for "not-wearing-the-ribbon"   =D


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