Thursday, August 07, 2008

Erronious Watermelon Intermezzo

If you are not familiar with "Congee", I suggest you go out and try it. Congee is a hearty Chinese poridge made from leftover rice. The specific location of China you are in will dictate the other fresh ingredients which make up the soup. This evening Jordan and I (the geinus behind awkward face McGhee) went to Congee Village in Chinatown. The only way to describe the restaurant, is like you are living inside the video game guitar hero. Colors and sounds flying in every which direction. I felt like we made a solid novice order. First Beef Congee of coarse, ribs, dumplings, beef chow fun, and a surprise order of sesame chicken. The food was great, and very cheap. Truly a unique dining experience.

We first entered the restaruant and were told about the 15 minute wait. We had no problem sipping club soda and the colorfull bar, watching the bartender cut up pounds and pounds of fresh melon. We conjured that they must serve the fruit as a complimentary desert. (As do many Chinese restaurants) Halfway through our meal we recieved two slices of watermelon at the table. "Wow" I thought, this must be some sort of intermezzo in order to cleanse our palletes. Jordan and I enjoyed our watermelon as we waited for the entres to come. We then we noticed an awkward look on our waiters face. He pulled the other waitress aside and scolded here for bringing us the accidental watermelon coarse. Hence the "arronious watermelon intermezzo" I kinda liked it.


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