Sunday, August 24, 2008

Caught In The Rain Part 2:

From the moment the cab broke down on 34th ST. I knew this would be an epic trip down to florida. Paul and I had to exit the vehicle in the pouring rain, and hail a new cab to the airport. The black clouds on the horizon were so ominous, that a delayed departure seemed imminent. the initial delay was 3 hours, and then wavered as the rain tapered off. There was a complete ground stop at JFK, so we watched the Olympics as we waited. Our flight was initally delayed to midnight, then we found out it was CANCELED.
At this point it was 10:15, thats when I got on the phone with Elizabeth, a Jetblue represenitive. She sounded like a nice old woman, and remained extremely patient with me on the hour-long phone call. We were searching for different flights to florida, so we reserved seats on the 8 a.m. to Ft. Lauderdale. With that; she said to us; "There is a flight leaving in 45 minutes from Laguardia. Can you get there in time?"
Paul and I said "No way" and waited on hold for another 10 minutes. We then leisurly packed up our stuff, and headed for the taxi stand. There we saw the line of 200 people, it was clear we wouldn't be able to make it. So we began waiting on the line. Standing in front of us coincidentally was Kevin Johnson. Paul said hi him, and told me later he was a former Phoenix Sun's point guard, and is running for mayor of Phoenix. Suddenly I had an idea. Cross the road into the departures area, and jump into a cab dropping someone off!
At this point it was 10:40 p.m., and I was on still on the phone with Elizabeth. The computer system was slow because of nation-wide delays, so it took time to process our new reservations.  When we crossed through the taxi driver gave us a hard time, but we muscled right in, and told him to go to Manhattan. When we got on the highway, Paul redirected the cab to Laguardia Airport, Looked me in the eye and said "we're makin the flight". Elizabeth told me the flight was now boarding, so we told the taxi driver to "step on it". As we pulled up to the terminal we sprinted for security, and ran through the checkpoint. We didn't even have boarding passes for the same plane, let alone the same airport! We showed security the tickets for the other flight, and told them it was an emergency. He let us through. I was still on the phone as we were running , so I had to pass the phone through the X-ray machine (by staying in contact, Elizabeth was able to keep the reservations on the morning flight, and the reservations on the night. Just in case we missed this' flight, we would still be covered for the morning) . It was a miracle, we got there huffing and puffing, but we boarded immediately! It was unreal. Elizabeth was very happy for us, and said it would make a great story. I plan to send her flowers when we got home.

When we got in to florida Jon and Mitchell picked us up in the "fish car" (Jon's car smelled so bad, after a day of fishing in the Keys =).   We drove to West Palm and arrived at the Katz Foundation at about 4:30 a.m. I looked Paul in the eye and said "We made it"

Golf in the morning with Steaks for lunch. We eached used our own mini cuttingboard as a plate. Later we met up with Jonas and the bachelor party for dinner. We ate at one of my favorite seafood shantys "The Rustic Inn". Later that evening I was reintroduced to the awfull poker room at the Hard Rock Casino. I finished the night down $150, before we drove back to West Palm.
The next day we played beach volleyball and swam at the Rock Pool. Overall a great a great afternoon. That night we went out to an Asian Fusion restaurant, and took tequila shots back at the room with Jonas's dad and brothers. We left the casino soon after to catch the Heavy Pets at the Culture Room. Sick show, and overall a great weekend with Jonas!

Oh yea! and the reason for this blog title, is because that saturday, Jon and I had an epic Jog!. If you've ever been running in Florida, in August, you would know, thats its fuckin hot! So it was amazing when it started pouring about a mile away from home. We had to ring out our sox.

E: golf on sunday morn


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